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Slider Belt Conveyors

Engineered to Perform

Decades of Experience; Hundreds of Satisfied Slider Conveyor Customers

At Quail Ridge Engineering, our Slider Belt Conveyors are the epitome of durability and effectiveness. Designed to handle lightweight materials and recyclables with utmost precision, our slider conveyors eliminate many “moving parts” and are the perfect fit for many operations – wood chips for building products, municipal garbage recycling, shredded plastics, and much more.

Precision Engineering

Backed by both theoretical calculations and years of empirical data, QRE slider conveyors are precisely designed to handle specific capacity requirements.

Versatile Configurations

Available in a range of sizes and specifications, QRE slider conveyors are created to custom widths and lengths that suit your specific material handling application.

Robust Components

Equipped with industry-leading parts like rubber combo belts, hardened sprockets, and direct shaft-mounted drives, our conveyors are built to handle the toughest applications and environments.

Wide Range of Models

From lightweight, low-profile designs for scrap removal to heavy-duty models for bulkier loads and longer distances, we have a slider belt conveyor for every requirement.

Customizable Features

Choose from various belt types, side rails, and drive options to meet your unique operational demands.

Efficient and Durable

Our conveyors are not just about moving materials; they're about moving them efficiently and reliably. With our innovative design and heavy-duty construction, Quail Ridge Slider Belt Conveyors ensure smooth operation and long service life, a smart investment for your business.

Innovative Design, Tailored For Your Needs

At Quail Ridge Engineering, we don't just offer products; we provide solutions. Our team is always ready to assist you with personalized consultations to ensure that our Slider Belt Conveyors align perfectly with your operational requirements. From initial design to final implementation, we are committed to delivering performance excellence and cost efficiency. Join the many satisfied clients who have enhanced their material handling capabilities with our state-of-the-art conveyors. Let's work together to create a streamlined, productive environment for your business. Contact us now to embark on a journey of operational transformation with Quail Ridge Engineering.

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At Quail Ridge Engineering, Inc., we specialize in designing and supplying innovative, reliable material handling systems and equipment. Based in Baldwyn, Mississippi, we bring years of expertise in providing custom and standard solutions in bulk material handling, catering to a diverse range of industries.


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