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Bulk Handling Systems

Tailored Engineering Solutions for Your Bulk Material Handling Needs

Experience Customization at Its Best

Quail Ridge Engineering was founded on the premise of providing customers solutions to their bulk handling needs rather than products. Three decades later, providing comprehensive, engineered bulk material handling systems remains QRE’s primary focus.

Key Features:

Quail Ridge Engineering leverages their experiences with hundreds of major material handling systems projects to provide clients with point-to-point material handling solutions. QRE engineers will work hand-in-hand with general contractors or your internal departments to conceptualize a material handling system that will deliver the capacities of materials to the appropriate processing equipment.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment:

QRE is extensively experienced with belt conveyors, belt trippers, radial stackers, screw conveyors, screw feeders, bucket elevators, pocket belts, drag conveyors, gates, chute design, hoppers & bins, maintenance access platforms, and more. Quail Ridge Engineering has designed and supplied multi-million-dollar systems into some of the most rugged material handling environments in the country. We know how it’s done, and we can do it for you.

Why Choose Quail Ridge Engineering?

Engineering Expertise: Quail Ridge ENGINEERING will ALWAYS focus on providing our customers with technically sound solutions rather than stringing together standard components and calling that a system. We will study your application in depth, and if we determine that LESS equipment than you intended can handle your job, we’ll tell you so … and save you money.


With almost thirty years of experience as Quail Ridge Engineering and hundreds of years of additional material handling experience among our administrative and technical teams, you will find that QRE can succeed against your toughest material handling challenges.

Engineered to Perform

Our solutions are more than just products—they are the result of our commitment to innovation in the field of bulk material handling. Each project is an opportunity for us to provide you with a system that is not just a part of your workflow but a boost to your productivity.

Innovative Design, Tailored For You

Innovative Design, Tailored For You The core business of Quail Ridge Engineering, Inc., has always been bulk material handling systems; it remains so today. Let QRE apply our extensive abilities and experience to your material handling problems. Our goal is to always provide an efficient, cost-effective, rugged material handling design that more than satisfies our customers’ needs. We live for repeat business!

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At Quail Ridge Engineering, Inc., we specialize in designing and supplying innovative, reliable material handling systems and equipment. Based in Baldwyn, Mississippi, we bring years of expertise in providing custom and standard solutions in bulk material handling, catering to a diverse range of industries.


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